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One of the primary goals of Mediflash, from Ownership to the newest Employee, is a relentless focus on Customer Service. We want to make it so that our customers can turn a case over to us, expect an unmatched attention to detail, and rely upon us retrieving medical records in the quickest timeframe possible.

One of the technological offerings that we provide that helps us do this is our secure suite of customizable integrations. Customers that have a desire to automate as much of the ordering, status and billing processes as possible can integrate with our SOAP Web Services, hosted over our Secure SSL-Protected network. We have an integrated order entry module, a feed that allows customers to grab back ALL statuses completed on cases we are working, anywhere from every 1 minute to every 1 hour to every 1 day, and we also offer a methodology to upload documentation to cases. The integrations are VERY easy to set up and test, can be customized if the offerings do not match your needs exactly, and also reduce the possibility of errors virtually down to zero.

We also use an automated process (running on a 10-minute timer) that can automatically upload completed charts directly to an SFTP site of your choosing so that there is no delay between our QC and Billing process and the records being delivered to you.

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