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About Mediflash

Mediflash, formerly known as Dynamic Document Imaging, has been providing document retrieval services for the insurance, medical, and legal industries for more than 35 years. Our state-of-the-art technology and elite customer service have positioned us as a leader in this complex and ever-changing industry.

We bring together data specialists, analysts, customer success representatives, IT specialists, and more in the shared mission of providing you – our customer – with unparalleled service.

Troy Peterson

Founder and CEO

In the odd way that careers find people, Troy started out in the medical records industry during his college years, almost on a whim, as a feet-on-the-ground field agent copying charts near his home in Orange County. Learning the industry from the ground up, face-to-face with those in charge of the records themselves, gave Troy a unique perspective that is the foundation of Mediflash today: Customer Service.

By starting out as a field agent and then migrating to a more naturally fitting role of Sales, which allows Troy to use his large personality, connection with people, and story-telling skills, Troy was able to see both challenges and opportunities, all the while learning what could be done better. He has hand-selected his key staff members, with one primary goal in mind: Provide the best possible experience to the clients of Mediflash and always improve upon customer service. His staff reflects his personal views on craftsmanship, relationships, performance and delivering on promises.

After thirty years fostering relationships and friendships that persist within the industry, Troy centers his business model around the premise of putting “Customer Service First,” and truly believes that if Mediflash doesn’t take care of its customers, someone else will. With an ever-changing workplace technology, Troy and Mediflash endeavor to provide the finest tools and software to staff, enabling them to properly service client cases and provide the most important result: quickly and accurately obtained medical records.

Troy’s faith in God has been his cornerstone for business. Troy has been married for 22 years, with two grown children and 4 Labrador Retrievers.

Meet the Team

  • Jesse Gospodarek
  • Cameo Pino
  • Lisa Bress
  • Jessica Salazar
  • Tom DuBransky
  • Jesse Gospodarek – Marketing Director


    Jesse has over 19 years of marketing experience in both a corporate and consulting setting.  He most recently joined Mediflash as a Marketing Executive and is looking forward to growing and expanding the Mediflash brand.  He will oversee all areas of marketing, advertising, sponsorships, social media, lead generation, and client media relations.

    His experiences have always allowed him to have fun and share in the excitement of his marketing efforts. He is not scared to look outside of the box and will not allow himself to settle for the ordinary. He prides himself on being innovative and believes that every idea has its place. He is always looking for the next best thing in the world of marketing and welcomes anyone and everyone to help me along the way.

    In his spare time, he loves watching and coaching his kid’s sports teams as well as listening to music.  Any time he gets to spend time with his family is a day well spent!

  • Cameo Pino – On Site Retrieval Supervisor

    Cameo has been in the insurance industry since 1998, acquiring more than 20 years of experience across multiple companies. She started at Mediflash in 2013 and has held various positions during her employment. She currently works as the On-Site Retrieval Supervisor, managing a team of field representatives in California.

    When Cameo started in the insurance industry, she worked as an office manager in a small records retrieval company of less than 10 employees. Over time, the company grew to over 40 employees. In her time there, she worked in every position possible from collecting records to managing staff.

    Cameo lives in Southern California with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family!

  • Lisa Bress – Customer Service Supervisor

    Lisa has been with Mediflash for 10 years and has 16+ years in the insurance services industry.

    When she started with Mediflash, she started in the Call Center, making phone calls to medical facilities to collect records. Lisa’s talents were quickly noticed and she became a direct contact/manager for several accounts. Over the years her responsibilities grew. She currently works as a Customer Service Supervisor, assisting with supervising call teams and managing customer experiences.

    Lisa lives in Southern California with her husband and two sons. One is currently a college student studying geology and the other serves in the US Navy.

  • Jessica Salazar – Operations Manager

    Jessica has been immersed in the Medical Records Retrieval Industry since the early 2000s, managing billing and data entry departments, becoming well-versed in facets of technology and security and providing project management support across all departments.

    She began with Mediflash in 2009 and has held various positions during her employment, culminating in her current position as Operations Director.

    Jessica currently lives in Southern California.

  • Tom DuBransky – IT Director

    As IT Director, Tom DuBransky is responsible for the management of all facets of the Mediflash technology spectrum, which includes the customized ERP system that Mediflash employees utilize, the integration points that allow customers direct communication with Mediflash platforms, customer-specific website applications, reporting and Medical Summaries.

    With a Master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University in Business Administration, Tom brings his knowledge of Operations, database design and coding together in a unique mix that allows for thorough and rapid development of Mediflash’s core technologies.

    Tom has worked with Troy Peterson in the Medical Records Retrieval industry for over 15 years.

APS Retrieval

Our APS Retrieval team works to collect copies of medical records nationwide for both insurance and legal purposes. Our experienced team has developed processes and relationships that have helped to reduce the turnaround time involved in collecting records. Because of our expanded knowledge of retrieval requirements and though the use of technology, we are able to swiftly provide our clients with the requested medical records, thus freeing up their resources.

Data Entry team

Our experienced data entry team is well versed in special authorization requirements and facility procedures to ensure that your request is processed without delay.

Customer Service Team

Our call center is led by a team with 40+ years experience in call center and customer service management. They will assign dedicated client contacts so you will always have direct contacts for those questions that need very special handling.

Medical Record Review

Our medical records review team is experienced in completing quality review of the records received to ensure the chart matches the requirements of your request. We carefully review each submission to ensure records received are for the correct patient, dates requested, and Doctor/Facility you are requesting.

APS Summaries

Our APS Summary team understands that medical records can be both complicated and lengthy. Mediflash’s APS Summary team works to provide a summary of the records that provides information underwriters need to help determine insurability. Information is provided in a clear, relevant, professional format, thus freeing up your underwriters for other relevant tasks which allows them to increase productivity.

On Site Retrieval

MediFlash has a team of representatives in California that are deployable to copy records in situations when the medical facility is unable to provide digital or duplicated copies themselves. Not only does the team provide copy and digitization services, but they can also hand serve requests in situations when the facility is unresponsive.

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