Medical Records

What can we do for you? At Mediflash our dedicated customer service staff works with our clients individually to provide the best solution for their unique needs. Whether you are carriers, a health plan or a medical group, our agents work hard to provide the most secure, cost-effective and quickest turnaround time for the retrieval of medical records.

Mediflash Medical Records Retrieval Offers:

  • Ordering – Order medical records in real-time and online through our secure client portal, or for an even less labor-intensive option, Mediflash offers a system-to-system integration that allows orders to be placed directly onto our servers.
  • Data entry – Medical facility information provided by the carrier is checked and reviewed at each step in the process.
  • Status/Verification – To prevent possible downstream delays, Mediflash staff contacts the facility directly to verify key patient and case information as part of our First Call, ensuring that the patient was in fact seen at the facility in question during the timeframe requested.
  • Geographic/Customer-centric teams – Each client is assigned a team lead, and caseworkers for that client are segmented by region to handle cases where they have built relationships with medical records staff.
  • E-mail communication – Routine use of e-mail allows for faster turnaround time.
  • Fax routing directly – Incoming faxes are routed directly to the team leader for quicker processing times.
  • Imaging/QC – All records are scanned and stored as images after being checked by quality control for accuracy, digitized into our 128-bit Encrypted Document Catalog. No paper copies of charts are ever kept onsite.
  • Reporting – Mediflash offers a range of standardized reports including Product Study, Time Service, Pending Orders, Missing Authorizations, Ordered Volume and Volume Detail, and we also offer customized reports that can be created and distributed quickly.
  • Website – Access to and management of all cases is available around the clock on Mediflash’s secure online platform. Agents are able to enter orders, view status, upload documents, download retrieved records or even directly email their team leader all from our intuitive and easy-to-use website.


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