APS Summaries

About Mediflash APS Summaries

Mediflash offers a customizable array of medical summaries to assist with the often-time-consuming task of reviewing EHR and native APS medical records for decision making. We utilize a hybrid approach to summarization, which includes advanced OCR intake and machine learning, coupled with supervised learning applications where the hybrid human element is incorporated to produce a credible, consistent, trustworthy, comprehensive, and condensed APS that has taken unstructured data and given it structure.

Through this process, our review and multiple QA points produces a solution that captures all critical underwriting and peripheral impairments to ensure an accurate, efficient review and abijlity to provide a safe and secure underwriting offer. The end-product can be provided in multiple formats, including beautifully formatted PDFs, TIF or even HL7.


  • Embedded Hyperlinks that lead directly back to the source material, for easy navigation to detail.
  • Turnaround time: 90-95% of requests are turned around in one business day.
  • Reports are searchable, sortable, and chronological.
  • The report is separated into meaningful categories that give a high-level snapshot of key impairments, key test results and preferred/standardized underwriting criteria.
  • Delivered in multiple formats or as a feed into your workbench/platform.
  • Can build and deploy custom rules engines to feed into accelerated/automated platforms.
  • Can take native EHR feeds and clean those from HL7/FHIR to a formatted report that is easy to use.


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