Hedis Audits

Performance reviews are imperative for health care plans that need to assess the quality of their providers and make adjustments accordingly. With many options available to ingest the very large number of audit cases that can be required, Mediflash makes it seamless for our Audit Clients to provide us the requirements of each separate Audit. Mediflash’s large network of field agents, as well as our experienced call staff, enables us to quickly schedule and retrieve the necessary audit documentation in what is generally one office visit, even for hundreds or thousands of charts.

Health plans can easily and painlessly manage their Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) with Mediflash solutions. By accessing our Audit Web Portal, our clients have quick access to all of the cases, including HEDIS or other Audit requirements, field agent schedule date, the charts or electronic date itself, as well as invoice information.

Mediflash’s automated post-retrieval process gathers all of the obtained medical data and can import it directly into our client’s systems, or provide PDF charts in any specified naming convention. With the expertise of our agents and the technology we employ, Mediflash has enjoyed a 98.4% success rate in retrieving records to be audited.

Mediflash HEDIS Audit Offers:

  • Reporting – Mediflash offers detailed reporting throughout the audit process at the chart level. See missing authorizations, assigned work and manage the coordination process.
  • Ordering – Put the power in the hands of the right people through online retrieval and access for multiple parties.
  • Nationwide Access – Mediflash’s platform allows coordination across multiple states and regions, providing a centralized audit from start to finish.

We take immense pride in being able to retrieve every available shred of medical data required for each audit and to quickly and securely return it to our clients for immediate use. As part of our service, we establish expectations and metrics right from the start, so that there is a clear understanding between us and our client that can be tracked and measured in meaningful ways. This insistence upon mutual cooperation has always resulted in satisfied Audit Partners.


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