Our Clients Mean the World to Us

If there’s anything we take great pride in, it’s our commitment to ensuring that each and every Mediflash customer enjoys the best service that our team is capable of providing. We go all in, and our case studies reflect just that.

Kaiser Permanente Expertise

A frustrated Insurance Agent was having an extremely difficult time obtaining records directly from a Kaiser facility in California. After multiple attempts sending and resending the patient authorization of the potential insured, and having those authorizations repeatedly rejected, the order was ultimately submitted to Mediflash. Our Kaiser Specialists were able to quickly determine that the reason for the failed attempts was related to the fact that the patient had entered a mailing address on the Kaiser Special Authorization form that was newer than the address that the patient used while attending Kaiser. Because Kaiser requires two or more matching patient verifications, the authorization was rejected since the address provided did not match the one that the facility had on file. We notified the client to have the authorization completed with the older address and they returned it to Mediflash. From this point, we were able to retrieve records within two days of submission. Without Mediflash’s knowledge of every painstaking detail that Kaiser requires in order to accept an authorization as valid, this case could have lingered on for weeks.

Relationship Building At the Facility Level

The relationships that Mediflash has built over the years with medical facilities across the country has helped to not only build our knowledge of processes, but also helps to us to expedite orders in some instances. Mediflash callers exhibit professionalism, friendliness and courtesy on every phone call and communication we have with facilities, knowing that the person who answers the phone is busy and that their time is valuable. Because of this, we have built a reputation and created expectations that our calls are not going to be a nuisance, but are going to be to-the-point. In one specific instance, a client requested a rush on a high-profile case where the facility turnaround time is approximately 9 business days. Because our staff had developed a friendly and healthy relationship with the long-time staff at the facility, we were able to obtain records for the client in less than 36 hours. This type of quicker-than-average turnaround time is not uncommon for Mediflash, thanks to the efforts of our callers who extend the “Customer Service First” mentality not just to our clients, but also to the medical caregivers who are instrumental in record retrieval.

Complex Medical Facility Knowledge

An underwriter who had extended familiarity with a particular patient was expecting records for a specific, known condition. When the records arrived, the underwrite did not receive the expected information. Based on information provided by the patient, multiple requests were sent to the same physician and the underwriter continued to receive the same records. Realizing the need for assistance, the underwriter submitted the request to Mediflash. Through the use of detailed record-keeping in our Doctor Database and knowledge of the facility, we were able to determine the reason that the specific records had not been released. While the specific information being requested was indeed available and correctly attributed to the proper doctor, the Facility Network (Keck Medicine) has multiple locations who each maintain their own records. However, their physicians frequently treat patients at multiple locations. In this situation, the physician treated the patient at more than one location and we were able to submit the request to the proper branch and obtain the correct records the insurance company needed.


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