Nationwide Retrievals

Mediflash offers nationwide, customized document retrieval services for the medical, legal and insurance industries.

With more than 35 years in the industry, Mediflash provides a state-of-the-art retrieval system for a variety of industries. No matter where our clients are located throughout the United States, they have access to a highly secure and sophisticated online management system that provides access to case information, detailed dispositions of all calls made by our Call Center personnel and any uploaded documentation.

Mediflash offers Nationwide Document Retrievals backed by expertise in the following categories:

  • Security – Mediflash operates at the highest levels of security, providing a HIPAA compliant network, server structure and software platform for nationwide document retrieval and management.
  • Customer Service – Customer service calls are handled at various call centers located in the United States. Each client is assigned a dedicated team leader to handle their account for any questions or concerns. Individual callers are then assigned to each client, so that over time, they can learn their particularities and become as efficient as possible on those cases, all the while building relationships with both the client and the facilities. For urgent cases that require special attention, Mediflash will escalate the retrieval to our most experienced callers (and even to the Owner if the circumstances dictate) to ensure they are handled promptly and accurately.
  • Technology – Advances in technology are a constant in the document retrieval industry and Mediflash has evolved with those changes to bring clients the most recent innovations resulting in faster turnaround time, lower costs and better vendor collaboration. Mediflash provides many possible points of integration with both our customers and the facilties with which we are in daily contact, making the transmission of Patient Health Information both secure and simple, resulting in minimized turnaround times.


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