Mediflash Technology and Security


Mediflash understands the importance of, and the ever-growing emphasis being placed on, Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

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Online Customer Portal

Upon initiation of a partnership with Mediflash, our customers gain access to our comprehensive and easy-to-use Online Customer Portal.

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Online Doctor Portal

Mediflash also offers a Secure Facility Portal for Medical Facilities, to be used in lieu of phone calls and email.

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Web Services

One of the primary goals of Mediflash, from Ownership to the newest Employee, is a relentless focus on Customer Service.

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In 2022, Mediflash became an Approved Copy Service within the iPipeline Agency Integrator environment.

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Mediflash’s commitment to emerging technologies also extends to the internal EMR that is used to process all Customer cases.

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